Friday, January 03, 2003

Drivel:  A study of interviews with 100 IT managers can hardly predict the trends for an entire industry.  In any case, we now have predictions ranging from -1% to +4% for IT spending in 2003.  I would be more likely to trust predictions from a firm that knows technology a little better than Goldman Sachs.  Personally, I think that are trying to says it is going to be flat and leaving themselves some room to look good as the year progresses.
##  Goldman Sachs says IT spending to drop in 2003. In contrast to other firms, survey predicts 1 percent reduction [InfoWorld: Top News]


Drivel:  This is great news!!  How else are PC vendors going to maintain margin on their products when prices are falling well below the $1,000 mark?  All Linux distributor needs to do is get their name out there to Joe Consumer.  Red Hat should hire a world class marketing firm and starting advertising on TV.
## Which major PC vendor will sell desktop Linux first?. Doc's newsletter predictions for the new year include the "L-word" on the "D-word" and some other big moves from big companies. [Linux Journal]


Drivel:  This is all good news for consultants.  Consultants who can put together quality teams from the ranks of the unemployed or those looking to make a change will fair the best, in my opinion.  However, with only a 4% growth overall the big consulting companies like Accenture, BearingPoint, EDS, and IBM will be hard pressed to capture this growth.  They will have to continue to rely on their existing business and the infrequent large deal.
## Worldwide IT spending to grow 4 percent in 2003. Study shows Linux, outsourcing, wireless sales will be strong [InfoWorld: Top News]


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