Monday, August 25, 2003
Phil had a nice post tonight about RSSlets from Eightlinks. I remember the Amazon RSS feeds hitting the ether about a month ago. RSSlets by themselves provide point functionality. I disagree with the location of the intelligence -- on a server. RSSlets in a MoveableType world can only be server based. In a Radio world, RSSlets are desktop based. Once you move this type of functionality to the desktop, a whole new world opens up. What is needed is a supervisory engine in Radio that provides a plug-in architecture for RSSlets. The rough structure is there with Tools, but this structure needs to be extended to provide management for RSSlets, a simple interface for creating RSSlets, interfaces that feed the news aggregator, and an engine capable of learning your preferences based on RSS subscriptions, RSSlet return data, and specific user input.
I noticed for the first time this morning that the majority of my news aggregator content was from individuals rather than media organizations like the New York Times, CNET, or InfoWorld.
Over the past few weeks I have made a number of steps toward integrating my entertainment center and home network. First, I purchased Tivo's Home Media Option and equipped my Tivo with a USB 802.11b network adapter. I also had to install Tivo's desktop publisher on the computers I wanted Tivo to interface with. This was a major step forward. Now I can play all of my MP3's through Tivo and display all of my digital images on the TV. The only thing missing was streaming MP3's from the Internet. This was easily accomplished with a quick trip to RadioShack and the purchase of a 1/8" phone plug to RCA cable splitter. The final step toward complete convergence is the ability to transfer Tivo video files to my laptop so that I can watch recorded shows while on a flight.

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