Monday, April 05, 2004
Over the next few months I will be attending quite a number of storage conferences and seminars. The metronome of my responsibilities is swing back towards the engineering side of the ticker and away from the managerial side, thank goodness. The trail head starts with EMCís Technology Summit at the end of this month and ending at Gartnerís PlanetStorage in June with a stop at the SNIA Spring Symposium in May. Along the way I will be meeting many vendors, colleagues, and pundits. I will be taking copious notes and publishing most of them here. The first vendor briefing is happening this Wednesday in Chicago with LeftHand Networks, an up and coming iSCSI vendor.
This has got to be the best compiliation of crashes set to music I've ever seen. What is funny about watching this is the difference between European and American crashes, let alone races. We Americans know to please a crowd when we crash!

BTW: This would be a perfect candidate for a RSS+BitTorrent feed and BitTorrent enabled RSS client.


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