Thursday, November 11, 2004
Rauno and Om Malik are looking for better blogging tools. This covers a huge realm. Just thinking about all of the ways that I can create stuff for publication boggles the mind; from writing -- like I'm doing now -- to Podcasting to data from cell phones -- audio, video, and photos. Think about all of the avenues you can move your stuff -- FTP, SMS, email, XML-RPC, SOAP, etc. Mapping the data paths should be the starting point for a discussion on better blogging tools. Piggy backing features on top of writing, as we are doing right now, just can't scale and forces data types into unnatural metaphors. Each data type -- text, images, audio -- have their own scaling and behavioral characteristics that need consideration when creating tools. A Personal Broadcasting Network (PBN) should transparently magnify scalability of each data type.
UserLand is running a feautre survery for Radio. This feature list is all wrong. Four out of six of the items are what I would consider real features. One feature I've been asking for is sychronization between Radio and Frontier/Manila. This would be huge. One of the things that all blogging tools are missing are a robust client/server architecture. UserLand has the best start on a robust client/server architecture for personal publishing and all of the hooks to incorporate other tools and applications. They just need to focus on the complete system architecture.
The two conferences I really wanted to go to this year were this past weekend. Both of them were at Stanford. I couldn't make either because I was still recovering from pneumonia.
Since moving to San Diego we've realized there isn't much reason to use our garage for storing our cars. Right now, our garage is still full of boxes from the move waiting to be sorted. I've decided I want to build a personal work space in the garage for myself. This accomplishes a number of things. First, it gets me out of the kitchen area. Second, it separates my work space from my wife's. Third, it will provide me an area to erect whiteboards for brainstorming. Finally, it gives me more space to spread out my evolving electronics lab. I've seen personal work spaces that cost anywhere between $2,500 and $5,000. I'm going to spend all of $300 to get a better cube than I have a work. I may even evolve it to provide me a video teleconferencing background with directed acoustics, but this is a ways off. My first objective is to give me a seven plus foot high set of walls surrounding my Ikea Galant workbench.

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