Thursday, November 04, 2004
A year ago I was writing a lot about the need for content distribution for weblogs to hedge against the Slashdot effect and for RSS distribution. Since then, companies the likes of RSScache and Feedburner have come about with the sole focus of RSS caching, distribution, and providing stats to bloggers. We've been down this road before in the mid to late 90's. It's the same problem. RSS is too narrow a focus. There is still the weblog site and, now, Podcasts. What is needed is a personal content distribution system, or, as John Robb would call it, a Personal Broadcast Network. I'm working on it. No one has put the pieces together and I'm tired of waiting around.

Personal Broadcast Networks as the title of a Forrester report John wrote and I conducted research for back in 1997. It's funny that it has taken seven plus years for everything to come together to make the concept possible on a truly personal level.


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