Thursday, December 18, 2003
I've been waiting all year for the Wi-Fi SD card from SanDisk. This article says it will available in December. December is half over and no word from SanDisk on availability. What gives?
Not much public activity from Dave on Channel Z (search: for "channel z"). Will Dave release it for public testing?
D-Link is offering a new version of its videophone product that uses Wi-Fi to turn your TV into a videophone: It even uses the speakers on the TV to support the conversation. D-Link says it works on any TV and uses Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet. It displays video images at 30 frames per second.... [Wi-Fi Networking News]

Perhaps I missed one in my Hot Technologies for 2004. I was debating putting Video over IP on the list. Perhaps this year will be the launch year for Video over IP and 2005 will be the hot year for it. We will see. I am going to be getting a videophone setup in January for my laptop so that I can video conference into work meetings.

I like to bash Microsoft on their market domination tactics and crappy software just as much as the next guy, but I have to hand it to them on their reference architectures I just discovered. These reference architectures are much more than systems and software. They contain base reference architecture, prescriptive architectures for specific platform combinations (Microsoft, EMC, Cisco, HP), operations architecture, and service and support guides. I've included links to the enterprise data center and Internet data center architectures. This is stuff that companies pay consulting firms millions of dollars for. This is perfect example of Microsoft cannibalizing one part of their business for another. There is still money to be made from these, which is exactly what Avanade and a whole host of boutique consulting firms do with these reference architectures. Keep in mind that HP, Sun, and IBM do not make material such as these freely available.

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